USD$1.2 Billion Development Project

The Luang Prabang SEZ is a US$1.2billion project. It is made up of three zones (S1, S2 and S3) with a total area of 4,850 hectares. Each of these three zones are located about 10KM outside of Luang Prabang heritage town. They are to be developed into integrated modern townships and serve as homes for multinational companies, government administration, education centres, tourism industry, research and development institutes, and transport hub.

Zone S1: The Highway 4B land is located at a mere 16KM from the New Chomphet City (Luang Prabang SEZ S1). This zone covers an approximately 3,350 hectares of area in Chomphet District. It is located across the Mekong River from Luang Prabang heritage town. S1 is conceptualized to be a sustainable urban township. It’s main function is to serve as a hub for administration and commercial activities. Other features in S1 include a 23-story building, Polo club, schools, hospitals, shopping centre, banks, hotels and resorts, restaurants, residences for the elderly, and organic gardens.

Zone S2: S2 is conceptualized to be a hub for both national and regional traffics. Taking full advantage of the Laos-China Railway Luang Prabang Station, this zone is to attract multinational companies and research and development institutes. Other features in this area include a golf course and commercial street.

Zone S3: The Mekong Riverfront Land is located at 1.4KM across the Mekong River from Zone S3 of Luang Prabang SEZ. This zone is close to one of the most popular natural tourist destinations in Luang Prabang – Kuang Si Waterfall. The area is conceptualized to be a centre for wellness and adventure tourism. Besides green hotels and resorts offering meditation and wellness activities, S3 also features a riverside pedestrian mall, alternative healthcare hospital, and countryside residences.

More information on Luang Prabang Special Economic Zone is available in this PDF.